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Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 12:00pm, 1:00pm - 5:00pm After Hours & Sat scheduling available

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00pm - 5:00pm After Hours & Sat scheduling available

405 W. Ogeechee St., Sylvania, GA 3046

We Offer Several Customer Programs

All our tires carry a road hazard policy warranty free for the first 6 months after purchase. Our tire sets also come with free lifetime rotations and visual inspections.. We also offer a lifetime road hazard policy along with a rotate & balance program with all our tires for a minimal additional cost. We pledge to take care of our tires after the sale, unlike the other larger online sales guys.

Basic Membership Program

The very first time you purchase any product through us you are automatically enrolled as a TireAddict member. This includes our free lifetime tire rotations, free visual inspections and free 6 month road hazard warranty.  This gives you access to discounts along with any available promotional offers any time you purchase tires or accessories in the future.

Premium Membership Program

After you become a member through purchase you can also sign up for our premium membership for many more benefits and savings. For only $79.00 a year you can receive flat rate installs, free lifetime road hazards and free lifetime rotate & balances. Along with minimal shipping or delivery rates on any other product purchases. If you have a family, business or just go through a lot of tires this program will definitely save you money.

Free Lifetime Rotations • Free for all tire set purchases (excluding oversized, specialty tires and aftermarket tires). We will rotate your tires free their entire life span and visually inspect them each time.

Standard Tire Protection Plan • Gives you a Lifetime Road Hazard warranty for $29.00 on all tire sets. This plan excludes ( oversized, specialty, run flat and aftermarket tires).

Premuim Tire Protection Plan Gives you a  Lifetime Road Hazard for oversized, specialty, run flat and oversized tires for $69.00

Lifetime Balance & Rotation is $49.00 (excluding oversized, specialty tires and aftermarket tires).


  • Lifetime Free Tire Rotations – We recommend each service interval or every 5K miles, whichever comes first. Tires will be properly inflated and visually inspected for any uneven wear or defects.
  • Road Hazard Policy – A tire is covered under a Road Hazard protection policy due to road hazards during normal driving. In other words, if you get a flat caused by a nail, glass, or other road debris we will replace or repair your tire at no cost to you. Road hazard does not cover the following items: damage from off-road use, collision, fire, vandalism, theft, show chains,  abuse and neglect (i.e., improper inflation, overloading, brake lock up, wheel spinning, torque snags, etc.). The lifetime of a tire is set at 5 years or when is becomes unusable whichever comes first.

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